How to improve your mental game for Brazilian jiu jitsu

There are a lot of areas to pursue on the topic of the mental aspect of sports. I just chose to focus on three here because they are easy changes that anyone can make that will yield results. As you read more of my blog, you’ll notice I’m a big proponent of positive incremental changes that add up over time.

So why not take some easy steps to improve your BJJ?

How to train like a brown belt, no matter your belt colour.

What does belt rank mean in Brazilian jiu jitsu? I had an interesting conversation with a fellow student today that helped crystallize some thoughts that had been brewing in the back of my head. For context, this friend is a blue belt. He has just returned to training and – like most of us –…

What it’s like returning to BJJ during COVID Phase 3

I live in Toronto, which recently entered phase 3 of its COVID-19 response plan. That allows certain businesses to reopen, including martial arts gyms. There are strict precautions in place, some of which I’ll discuss below. But no matter what restrictions are in place, there is still some element of risk involved. We each have…

Ego in BJJ: Why playing passively is hurting your training

The role of our egos in Brazilian jiu jitsu is talked about often. In fact, BJJ has a reputation for finding the most fragile aspects of our egos and crushing them into a fine paste. Paraphrasing Joe Rogan, he’s said that BJJ simulates a life-or-death fight – and getting tapped out in a sparring match…

Starting BJJ as a complete beginner

Looking back to when I started Brazilian jiu jitsu in 2009, I compare it to when Harry Potter found out he was a wizard. There was this whole world of amazing possibilities and everyone was doing stuff I just couldn’t understand; it might as well have been magic.